Ecobot Scrub 50

Changing the Way We Clean

Next Generation Cleaning Robot

Working on a MHIO (minimal human intervention operation) idea, the Scrub 50 will automatically charge its batteries, fill and discharge water and even rinse its dirty tank autonomously through a working station. Coupled with the potential of lift integration and a powerful fleet management system, the Scrub 50 truly is the next generation in cleaning robotics.

Scrub50 Front


Exceeds the cleaning capabilities of humans and competitor products. Automate workflow and achieve exceptional results through industry-leading design and technology.

Class Leading Speed & Coverage

Covers up to 1200sqm/hr with a 50cm cleaning width.

Corner & Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

Cleans as close as 8cm to walls while reaching areas that competitors can’t.

Advanced Navigation

Intelligent software directs to assigned areas while avoiding moving and stationary obstacles.

Perspective 2


Cutting-edge technology made simple so even the most novice user can understand and operate. Easily train staff to receive and manage shift reports and system updates on easy-to-use interface.

Fleet Management System

Easily integrate into workplace and monitor performance anytime, anywhere.

Reports & Updates

Get shift reports with production summary and easily perform system updates.

Autonomous Mapping

Self-constructed mapping of floor plans and automatically localizes itself with working station/charging station.

Scrub50 Back


Its low maintenance design and reliable safety features allow for staff to handle less-tedious cleaning duties while the Scrub 50 operates itself.

Minimal Human Intervention

Liberates employees to handle less-tedious tasks, automatically charges itself, fills and rinses water tank.

Low Maintenance

As low as 2 hours/month of general maintenance with 2 to 3 hour battery life.

Safety & Security

Obstacle avoidance using Lidar surveying, 3D depth camera and ultrasonic sensors along with on board camera.