Ecobot Scrub 75

Takes the Guesswork Out of Cleaning

New Class Leader in Autonomous Cleaning

The ECOBOT Scrub 75 is the new class leader in autonomous cleaning robotics. Gaussian Robotics worked closely with top cleaning service providers and facility owners to develop the Scrub 75 to allow it to clean corners, be small yet efficient, and dual purpose usage.

Scrubber 75 Front


The Scrub 75, using its 3 sensor systems, LIDAR, 3-D depth cameras and Ultrasonic sensors, works to attain a 99% consistent coverage area.  This eliminates the need for manual touch ups and keeps your staff working on more important matters.

6hr Lithium Ion Battery

Up to 3x Faster Than Competitors

Corner & Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

Scrubber 75


Scrub 75 takes the guesswork out of autonomous cleaning, with its ability to map over 100,000 m2 of coverage in a single map, as well as an Alert & Report interface to warn you of areas that were blocked or inaccessible for cleaning. With a touch of the button, the Scrub 75 switches to manual operation for rapid deploy or inaccessible areas.

True Dual Purpose

Alert & Report Interface

Easy and Fast Mapping System

Scrubber 75 Back


With the Scrub 75, the four stage filtration system can cut down your monthly water usage by up to 6,000 litres. With class leading coverage of 3,000 m2/hr the Scrub 75 will save you both time and money when it comes to your floor cleaning.

Class Leading Coverage

4 Stage Filtration System

Quick and Easy to Maintain

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (MM)

1290(L) X 760(W) X 1120(H)

Scrubbing Width

747 MM

Cleaning Efficiency

Up to 3000 M2/H



Average Run-Time

4-6 hours

Total Power

2000-2400 W


24 V

Rated Driving Motor Power

280 W

Rated Brush Motor Power

3 X 150 W

Brush Rotation Speed

Up to 270 RPM

Rated Water Suction Motor Power

500 W

Maximum Water Suction Pressure

18.18 kPa

Clean Water Tank

65 L

Waste Water Tank

55 L

Safety System

Laser Scanner, Depth Camera

Ultrasonic, Touch Bumpers


0-4 KM/H


55-70 dBA

Scrubber 75 Left