Ecobot VAC 40

Vacuuming is no longer a boring word

VAC 40 generates cleaning consistency while standardizing the cleaning process even with different cleaning teams.


VAC 40 collects data about each clean to confirm cleaning performance and ensures efficient and effective cleaning throughout the whole building.

Cleans in a single pass

With high brush agitation, airflow and filtration, even stubborn dust and debris is collected in a single pass.

Advanced Safety & Navigation System

Equipped with class-leading safety sensors and advanced AI navigation system to achieve highest cleaning productivity.

VAC 40 gives cleaning crews the ability to be more productive than ever, by enabling the cleaning team more time to focus on higher-value work that often goes neglected, thus giving great opportunity to device new options for generating new income.

Vacuum 40


Exceeds the cleaning capabilities of humans and competitor products. Automate workflow and achieve exceptional results through industry-leading design and technology.

Class Leading Speed & Coverage

Covers up to 600sqm/hr with a 57cm cleaning width.

Corner & Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

Cleans as close as 6cm to walls while reaching areas that competitors can’t.

Advanced Navigation

Intelligent software directs to assigned areas while avoiding moving and stationary obstacles.

VAC 40 provides hard data about each clean, which shows building owners when and where cleaning was performed.


Reduce cleaning time and improve overall productivity.


Generates measurable cleaning performance.

Vacuum 40 Right


Cutting-edge technology made simple so even the most novice user can understand and operate. Easily train staff to receive and manage shift reports and system updates on easy-to-use interface.

Fleet Management System

Easily integrate into workplace and monitor performance anytime, anywhere.

Reports & Updates

Get shift reports with production summary and easily perform system updates.

Autonomous Mapping

Self-constructed mapping of floor plans and automatically localizes itself with working station/charging station.

Makes life better for your cleaning team.


VAC 40 gives rise to less boring, repetitive, injury-inducing work and that means less turnover for building owners.

Vacuum 40 Back


Its low maintenance design and reliable safety features allow for staff to handle other cleaning duties while the VAC 40 operates itself.

Minimal Human Intervention

Liberates employees to handle less-tedious tasks, automatically charges itself.

Low Maintenance

As low as 2 hours/month of general maintenance with 2 to 3 hour battery life.

Safety & Security

Obstacle avoidance using Lidar surveying, 3D depth camera and ultrasonic sensors along with on board camera.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (mm)

650 (L) x 570 (W) x 810 (H)

Cleaning Width

570 mm

Cleaning Efficiency

600 m2/h


Lithium (LiFePO4)

Average Operational Time

Up to 3 hours

Rated Voltage

24 V

Maximum Power

1000 W

Rated Tandem Roller Brush Power

300 W

Rated Side Brush Power

25 W

Max. Cylindrical Brush Rotational Speed

Up to 1500 RPM

Main Brush Size

400*70 mm

Side Brush Size

2*100 mm

Rated Vacuum Power

560 W

Max. Vacuum Pressure

18.18 kPa

Max. Air Flow Volume

73.45 ft3/min

Primary Bin Capacity

8 litre

Secondary Bin Capacity

2 litre


LiDar, 3D Depth Camera, Ultrasonic, Touch-bumper, Cliff-Sensors

Max. Gradient

10 degree

Operational Speed

0-2 km/h (limited)


Up to 65 dB

HEPA Filtration Class