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The future of commercial floor cleaning is here.

    Candroid robotics


    Cleaning with Advanced Sensor Technology and Autonomous Cleaning Robots

    Takes the Guesswork Out of Cleaning

    Using its 3 sensor systems, LIDAR, 3-D depth cameras and Ultrasonic sensors, works to attain a 99% consistent coverage area.

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    Changing the Way We Clean

    Specializing in automation, accountability and efficiency on a global scale.

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    Vacuuming is no longer a boring word

    With high brush agitation, airflow and filtration, even stubborn dust and debris is collected in a single pass.

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    All-in-one Floor Cleaning Solution

    Phantas is a commercial floor cleaning robot that boldly integrates 4 floor cleaning modes, which grants it unrivaled versatility and usability for cleaning spaces with different types of flooring, both hard and soft.

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    Candroid Robotics

    Candroid launches self-sufficient floor scrubbers

    Candroid Robotics Candroid Robotics


    There is nothing like cutting-edge technology made simple. Designed with the input from operators of cleaning service providers with more than 100 combined years of operational experience, our user-friendly tablet interface caters to cleaning operators from diverse educational backgrounds of all levels and age-groups.


    The Ecobot has taken commercial cleaning to the next level with industry-leading technology.


    1 Ecobot allows for 2 to 4 employees to handle less-tedious tasks.


    Automated reporting to ensure that all tasks are accounted for.


    Minimizes usage of water and cleaning supplies.


    95% coverage rate with industry-leading corner & edge-to-edge cleaning.


    Increase profitability by improving workflow and reducing supply usage.


    Provide exceptional service with industry-leading tech.



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    Candroid Robotics
    Let's hear

    What People Are Saying

    Felix Chen

    Quality Manager
    Weishen Industrial Services

    ECOBOT was crucial in helping our company move ahead of the competition. After reviewing the various robotic scrubbers, we decided on ECOBOT for its full cleaning coverage, ease of use by operators and the excellent after-sales support

    Sheta Ramasamy

    Cleaning Supervisor
    Primech Services and Engrg

    I love the ECOBOT because it is easy to use. Just press play and it will clean all the floors including corners. I do not need to send another cleaner to do manual touch-ups!

    William Aung

    Operation Manager
    Primech Services & Engrg

    The ECOBOT allowed us to cut 20% of our staffing while maintaining cleaning quality. The after-sales support from ECOBOT is also great and most issues are solved wirelessly.

    Mr. Gregory Lok

    Senior Business Development Director
    Starhub, Singapore

    ECOBOT looks nothing like a cleaning machine. Its design makes it look like a high-tech showcase, which attracts a lot of attention wherever it is deployed. We have also received assurance that ECOBOT's sensors and safety systems are amongst the best, so people and property are in safe hands.

    Tan Kim Mooi

    Weishen Industrial Services

    This machine is very east to use and nice to drive. For small areas I like to drive it manually; but for larger areas I can just press "PLAY" and go about my other tasks. I like this ECOBOT very much!