Solutions for Facility Management

Simpple presents data in an advanced dashboard that provides detailed data and analysis from feedback systems and IoT sensors to help managers make better businesses decisions for the company. Managers can gain real-time updates on the environment of the location and status of staff and tasks all on one dashboard for an easy overview.


Simpple Attendance uses password and facial recognition technology for 2-factor authentication. Not only does it replace manual timesheets at sites, but it also automatically consolidates worker’s attendance for task assignments so that tasks are sent out accurately to workers on site.

Workforce Automation

Workforce Automation

By streamlining task delegations, the efficient process will reduce communication errors from manual task arrangements. Automated task updates will allow staff to better focus on their work on hand and produce better quality work. Managers can assign scheduled and ad-hoc tasks to the staff for completion. Once completed, staff can take a photo to mark the task as fulfilled to boost accountability.

Facility  Health

Facility Health

Monitor the overview of building and workforce and observe trends to move towards an output-based system. Visitors and managers can raise issues via the system to be assigned to the staff for more direct delegation of work. Staff can mark the task as complete once the issue has been resolved.

Contactless  System

Contactless System

Protect your workforce and visitors with a contactless system during COVID-19 for daily attendance, daily operations, feedback from the public and auditing. Minimise interactions to keep everyone safe.


SIMPPLE Attendance

Asset 26_300x.png Supervisor level to clock in for staff
Asset 27_300x.png Contactless clock in and clock out
Asset 28_300x.png Individual staff log in
Asset 29_300x.png Automated work order sent to staff on duty
Asset 30_300x.png Assignment of ad-hoc tasks throughout the day

SIMPPLE Operations

Asset 31_300x.png System assigns cleaner with ad-hoc task via Simpple app or WhatsApp
Asset 32_300x.png Cleaner clicks on WhatsApp link to access task list
Asset 33_300x.png Cleaners can photograph the completed task for records
Asset 34_300x.png Supervisors raise a new task from checks or public feedback
Asset 35_300x.png Start and finish task to allow system to track progress

SIMPPLE Feedback

Asset 42_300x.png Feedback System
For members of public to easily provide feedback
Asset 43_300x.png Digital Toilet Card
Record cleaners’ attendance and feedback for improvements
Asset 44_300x.png Location tags for Simpple Audit Forms
For ease of use and verification


Asset 36_300x.png Calculate scores based on requirements
Asset 37_300x.png Generate reports with geo-locations
Asset 38_300x.png Scheduled and joint inspections
Asset 39_300x.png Task completion acknowledgements
Asset 40_300x.png Capture signatures for immediate accountability
Asset 41_300x.png Date- and time- stamped pictures with annotations